20 People Arrested After Anti-Islam Protest in The Hague

THE HAGUE- Twenty people were arrested on Sunday during an anti-Islam protest by Pegida. Those detained include the chairman of Pegida, Edwin Wagensveld, and a participant who dressed up as the prophet Mohammed. Another eight people were arrested from the Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), who had intended to try and stop the Pegida-organised protest with smoke grenades.

A Pegida Protester Dressed As Mohammed Before His Arrest. Credits to Regio 15 Photographs
A Pegida protester dressed as Mohammed, shortly before his arrest. Credits to Regio 15 Photographs

This marks the second time Edwin Wagensveld has been arrested. During a previous protest, he wore a shirt which depicted a stick figure throwing a swastika in a bin. Last Sunday he wore that shirt again, and again refused to take it off or cover it up, prompting his arrest.

The AFA are no strangers to Pegida protests, and regularly stage counter demonstrations under the hashtag #Laatzenietlopen (#Don’tletthemwalk). The organisation fears that an uncontested message from Pegida would allow the promotion of a form of fascism, as well as ‘disgusting racism and islamaphobic ideas’.

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