Students Protest Against Danish Immigration Policy

THE HAGUE – Yesterday, a group of students and bystanders marched from Central Station to the embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark at the Koninginnegracht to protest a proposal by the Danish government to confiscate valuables up to 10,000 DKR from refugees entering the country.

Video: Stuart Smith

The protest attracted a few bystanders and stayed peaceful and positive. Reactions were mixed. Candles were lit at the embassy’s entrance, but the Dutch police officers present did not allow the protesters to leave some jewellery at its post box. The Danish embassy, which is believed by eyewitnesses to have taken its national flag down in response, has not yet commented.

The new bill, presented on 10 December 2015, has sparked public outrage in multiple countries. It would allow the Danish authorities to “search clothes and luggage of asylum seekers with a view to finding assets which may cover the expenses,” the Danish Ministry of Integration said in an e-mail to the Washington Post.

There are, however “a host of other equally far-reaching and regressive measures being moved swiftly through the country’s parliament,” organiser Qali Nur has said on the event page. ‘Let’s put pressure on the Danish politicians and help the Danish citizens fight against these humiliating laws to get their politicians back on track!’

‘Refugees are welcome here,’ the crowd chanted on Friday, expressing their sympathy with people seeking asylum in Europe. They were joined by similar protests in Berlin, Athens, Malmö and Stockholm.

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